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Limited Resource vs.
Unlimited Potential


ZED offers new technology that costs less than old technology.

As electric vehicle production — powered by lithium batteries — is planned, this problem will only exacerbate. Quoting the world’s leading investment bank, UBS, Forbes magazine reports that by 2025, “lithium demand will most likely outgrow the supply of all the known lithium projects.” Compounding the problem, the free market only has access to 1/3 of the world’s lithium supply as the lithium battery market is dominated by China, and virtually no access to related minerals.

On paper, the lithium-powered battery seems like a long-term solution. Except for one problem: there’s just not enough lithium.


A niche solution:
Are we in an artificial electric vehicle bubble?

Despite the hype—and billions spent subsidizing electric vehicles by investors and taxpayers—worldwide adoption has stalled at under 1% of the total market. Of the buyers, 20% return to fuel powered vehicles, and even more extraordinary—when the artificial demand created by subsidies stop, so do the sales. 

When a rebate program for electric vehicles was cancelled in Ontario, Canada, sales plummeted. Even with massive infrastructure investments and governmental subsidies over many decades, electric vehicles remain a questionable niche product with no real consumer demand.

An investment in the future.

ZED power units can run efficiently and cleanly on virtually any fuel. This makes ZED Engines a solution for today, and well into the future. ZED power units will never run out of fuel, and as cleaner, renewable fuels are developed, they can be seamlessly adopted.

In fact, ZED Engines power units can replace any engine in any use—that is, over 230 million internal combustion engines produced every year, increasing 3-5% annually for the last decade — making ZED Engines the only true gigaton global carbon emissions solution.

ZED power units are an incredibly versatile power source. They can run cleanly with trace-to-zero emissions on any renewable or fossil fuel, liquid (individually or mixed) or gaseous, including: 

  • Gasoline

  • Diesel

  • Alcohol

  • Propane

  • Natural Gas

  • Hydrogen

  • Ethanol

  • Bio-diesel


Invest in a true green power supply.


ZED is the only engine in the world designed to seamlessly transition from today's fuels to hydrogen in the future.

Why?  Because ZED Engines power units can be adopted immediately, burn today's conventional fuels with barely trace emissions, and seamlessly evolve to use cleaner and renewable fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen with zero emissions.

With scalable hydrogen production and storage solutions on the horizon, the real impediment to the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a fuel is an inexpensive, powerful, efficient engine.  ZED is the only clean engine solution available now, for use now, and for the next hundred years and beyond.

No matter what the fuel is, or when the transition occurs, ZED Engines will always be a "green" power source. No other engine technology can say that.


ZED is 100% Recyclable for the Lowest Possible Environmental Impact. 

Green energy and clean power will be two of the most in-demand economic drivers of the 21st century. As a world class environmental leader, ZED Engines is poised to be a key part of that economic drive. 

Here are some critically important facts about ZED:

  • Made of 100% recycled materials for the lowest environmental impact.

  • 100% recycled means zero ore mining, transportation and processing. 

  • 100% recycled materials require up to 92% less energy to process.

  • Tailpipe emissions are trace-to-zero.

  • Full end-of-life recyclability means zero environmental disposal damage.

  • The lowest possible environmental damage of any alternative. 


Unlike 95% of all lithium batteries which get discarded, causing huge Third World environmental damage, there are no disposal problems at the end of the ZED power unit service life.

Why invest in ZED?
A look at the future.

ZED is lighter. The engine uses 1/3 fewer parts.

ZED is more efficient. It burns up to 96% of its fuel.

ZED is greener. It has a lower lifecycle carbon footprint than battery electric.

ZED is more powerful. It can produce up to five times the power of a same-size conventional engine.

ZED is fuel-flexible. It has the ability to run cleanly on nearly any fuel.

ZED is patented. With multiple patents and more pending.

Interested in learning more?

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